Neuronal Computation: Single Neuron to Network

Workshop: “Neuronal Computations: Single Neuron to Neural Network”

(in Collaboration with IPM)

This workshop falls within the domain of computational neuroscience, focusing on the modeling of single neurons based on biological features and other characteristics. It delves into examining the study problem, determining the best model for the issue at hand, exploring various neuronal networks, and their modeling methods, concluding with an overview of several renowned models.

This event will be held online, and details regarding the event platform and how participants can access it will be announced.


Dr. Safura Rashid Shomali

Research Associate at Imperial College London

Registration Deadline:

December 26, 2023 (Dey 5, 1402)

Workshop Dates:

December 28 & 29 (Dey 7 & 8, 1402)

Important Note:

This workshop requires a prerequisite of basic linear algebra and differential calculus. Please pay attention to these requirements during registration. Proficiency in programming, especially in MATLAB, is also highly essential

The registration is closed